Share Your Genealogical Work - Make a Poster for our May Meeting

Get Ready to Share your Genealogical Work

Consider Making a "Poster" for our May Meeting

When winter weather has just started in Rochester, it’s hard to think about May – but it will be here before you know it. And RGS has an exciting new meeting idea for May – a genealogical showcase for our members’ stories, findings, research, or expertise. Think Science Fair but for family history and genealogy enthusiasts. To make it a success, we need your help.
Please consider participating! It’s a great way to share, talk with RGS members, answer their questions, and learn from others. Let’s face it – what genealogist or family researcher doesn’t like talking about what they’ve found? And how many family and friends like to listen to you talk about it? At the RGS General Meeting on the 21st of May, you can talk all you want. Just register your interest here by 15 April. Create a tri-fold poster board about what you want to share. We’ll provide the table for it to stand on and you to stand behind (no easels will be provided.). Let the interaction begin.

Twenty-five people will be selected to have the opportunity to display their work. Ideas abound but here are a few to consider:
Your go-to genealogy resources and tools
Detailed research on an individual or family
Key genealogical events
Experiences from genealogical trips or family reunions
Insights into research methods
Military service records or society affiliations (SAR/DAR)
Studies of specific locations or archival projects
Photo projects or the story of a family heirloom

Three prizes of genealogical resource books will be awarded to the top displays. So come on, think of an idea to share, register your interest in participating, and start making your poster today. If you have any questions or need further details, please contact Bill Troicke at